Will Closing the Upstairs Vents Save You Money?

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The HVAC system plays an essential role in maintaining favorable temperatures in your home through the seasons. However, the convenience and comfort of this equipment comes with additional expenses. It contributes to a significant amount of your energy bills. With such demands, residents of Montgomery, TX attempt to look for ways to reduce costs.

While there are various ways to reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC system, closing the upstairs vents is not one of them. North Point Air Conditioning & Heating gives the following reasons why closing upstairs vents is not a wise money-saving technique.

Encourages Rapid Mold Growth

Mold is a type of fungi that thrives in stale and moist spaces. You are likely to find mold on the dark corners of the wall, furniture fabrics, and on the surface of the ceiling. Having mold in your house can cause you severe health complications. It is also hard to clean up the mold, especially if it attaches itself to the walls, furniture, and fabric. As a result, it wrecks the appearance of your home.

Locking the air vents in your upstairs rooms reduces or stops air from circulating. With time, humidity in those spaces increases due to a decrease in temperature. These conditions cause the room to be stuffy, making it easy for mold to grow and rapidly multiply. Consequently, you will spend a lot of money for cleaning, restoring your home’s aesthetics and mold removal. Although you may be lucky to control mold within the home, you need an HVAC technician from North Point Air Conditioning & Heating to dispel mold from the HVAC unit.

Destroys Ductwork

As time goes by, your ducts will corrode due to constant moisture and frequent temperature differences. The wear and tear process can cause holes, thus allowing air leaks from the surrounding areas. Closing the vents upstairs interferes with air circulation. With time, there is a buildup of pressure within the ducts that results in a loose connection. Further, the intense pressure causes cracks or enlarges the existing holes, further ruining your ducts. It is essential to note that ductwork damages can significantly increase energy usage.

Disrupts Your Homes Comfort

Adjusting the temperature in your home ensures that your space is comfortable. The components of your HVAC system need to work in synchrony to achieve the desired temperature in every room. When the air vents close for a long time, it affects the volume balancing dampers and the blowers. What follows is an imbalance of temperature in the various rooms. Some become hotter or cooler depending on their proximity to these components and the thermostat settings. The discomfort that comes with temperature inconsistencies will force you to find alternative ways of insulation. This process can also become an additional expense.

High Risk of Carbon Monoxide Circulation

The quality of the air you breathe contributes to your overall health. Clean air allows your organs to function correctly, helping you to lead a better life. The air vents are responsible for circulating air in and out of your HVAC unit.

When you close the registers in your upper rooms, it decreases the necessary factors for combustion. The heat exchanger begins to crack, and it emits carbon monoxide. When the polluted air seeps into your home, it causes headaches, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. In severe cases, it may lead to loss of life. Closing your upstairs registers is not worth the increased health risks.

Increases Energy Bills

Your HVAC system has an optimum level of operation. Allowing it to operate within its limits ensures that it remains efficient. However, shutting the air vents increases the internal pressure. The system works to expel the excess air and maintain average balance. During this process, more energy is used which increases your bills and strain on the unit. In worst cases, the pressure destroys your system, forcing you to repair or purchase a new one.


Shutting your air vents may seem economical if you have a storied house. However, it is a temporary solution to your energy bill concerns. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit is more effective when its vents are open. If you want to save some money, consider installing a zoning system.

It is essential to understand your HVAC system and get it to work correctly. Seeking expert advice allows you to operate your unit better. If you have a hard time with your HVAC unit, you can get professional help from North Point Air Conditioning & Heating. Our highly trained personnel offer AC repairs, installation, and maintenance services in Montgomery and its surrounding areas. Call us today for bookings and expert advice!