Choosing the Best Time to Install or Replace Your HVAC System

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Regular maintenance is the best way to protect your HVAC system and ensure that it continues working for years to come. Nonetheless, no matter how diligent you are about having your system professionally maintained, there will always come a time when you’ll need to replace your furnace or air conditioner. If you’re considering replacing any of your HVAC equipment or looking to install a new HVAC system, you may be wondering when the best time is to do it.

The answer to this is actually when you’re not currently using your heating or cooling system. This means that the best time to replace an air conditioner is generally during the early spring, and the best time to replace a furnace or heating system is during the early fall. By having the installation performed prior to using the heating or cooling system, you can ensure that your new unit is ready to go when summer or winter starts.

Avoiding the Peak Season Rush

The middle of summer isn’t necessarily a bad item to have a new furnace installed. The only issue is that you will likely find it hard to get a contractor to replace your heating system in the middle of the summer, as most will be swamped with AC repairs and will typically give a higher priority to cooling issues. The middle of summer and middle of winter is when HVAC companies are at their very busiest, which is why it generally makes sense to schedule your new equipment installation outside of these peak seasons.

Another reason why it is best to schedule your new HVAC installation outside of the peak season is that many companies will offer discounts during these off-season times. Some manufacturers also offer sales for ACs and furnaces outside of the prime cooling and heating seasons, which can help save you even more.

Replace Your Old System Before It Fails

The last thing you want to do is to wait for your old furnace, air conditioner or other HVAC unit to fail before you have it replaced. If your AC suddenly gives out in the middle of summer or your furnace dies in the middle of the winter, you could be looking at going for a few days or even weeks without heating or cooling before you can get the new unit installed. Alternatively, it may end up costing you quite a bit more as many contractors charge extra for emergency replacements.

Opting to replace your old unit before it completely gives out also means you won’t be rushed into making a decision. If you wait, you may be forced to choose whatever model and whichever contractor you can find. By being proactive, you will give yourself much more time to carefully consider your decision and compare different options to ensure you’re getting a good deal on the best unit for your home.

Average Lifespan for Different HVAC Equipment

An air conditioner will typically have a maximum lifespan of around 15 years, whereas a furnace should last for around 15 to 20 years. The primary factors in determining just how long an HVAC unit will last are how well maintained it is and the local climate. In hotter climates like Texas, your AC may not last for 15 years since the unit will run for longer periods each year and have to work harder due to the high heat and humidity. On the other hand, a furnace may last longer than average since it won’t get nearly as much use as it would in a colder, northern climate.

Heat pumps typically have the shortest lifespan of any HVAC equipment. A heat pump can provide both heating and cooling, which means it will run for many more hours over the course of a year than either a standalone heating or air conditioning system. For this reason, most heat pumps will need to be replaced after anywhere from 8 to 12 years.

Ductless mini-split units will generally not need to be replaced nearly as often as other types of HVAC equipment. In most cases, a mini-split will last for anywhere from 20 to 30 years, possibly even longer.

Professional HVAC Installation and Replacement Services

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