Overheating Furnace? Avoid a Scare This Halloween

How Overheating Furnaces Can Put Households at Risk

Halloween can bring many frights to households. But one scary situation homeowners want to avoid is an overheating furnace. When this happens, a family can be in danger if it results in a furnace fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. To avoid these terrifying events, homeowners should use tips from furnace contractors on how to identify the signs of an overheating furnace and ways to prevent it from happening. 

Risks From a Furnace Overheating

If a furnace overheats, there are many issues and dangers that can occur, including hazards like fire or a carbon monoxide leak that leads to carbon monoxide poisoning. However, a furnace overheating can also cause the heating system to sustain damage. Some potential issues can include broken components inside the furnace, increasing utility bills as the furnace runs more than it needs to, and a decreased lifespan for the unit as it endures more wear and tear. 

To protect their household and furnace, homeowners should keep an eye out for signs of an overheating furnace and schedule professional furnace repair or maintenance on the system at the first signs of an issue. Getting the problem fixed as soon as possible will reduce the risk of dangers from an overheating furnace. 

Overheating Furnace Symptoms

bad smell One of the best defenses against the risks of an overheating furnace is identifying the symptoms and having it repaired as soon as possible. Many signs can indicate a furnace is overheating, but one of the most common is a burning odor coming from the furnace or the vents. Households might also notice the air coming through the vents is much hotter than usual. 

Other signs property owners should watch for include odd sounds, like humming or banging, short cycling, or if the furnace unexpectedly turns off. If homeowners detect any of these signs, they should call HVAC contractors to inspect the furnace and perform any required repairs as soon as possible.

Ways to Prevent an Overheating Furnace 

air filter While overheating furnaces can be frightening, the good news is that homeowners can help prevent them and the dangers they can cause. Technicians recommend that homeowners schedule routine furnace maintenance on the system every year. During a furnace tune-up, technicians can inspect the heating system, identify any problems, and fix them before they lead to bigger issues, like overheating. 

During maintenance, they will also clean components inside the furnace that can lead to overheating if they get too dirty. Another essential task to prevent overheating is for homeowners to replace their furnace filters on time. When they get dirty and clogged, airflow is affected, and the furnace can overheat. Air filter replacement should typically be done at least every three months, but it depends on the filter type. 

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