Best Methods for Extending Your Furnace’s Lifespan

Furnace Maintenance in Spring, TX

Do you want to get as many efficient years out of your furnace as possible? If the answer’s yes, all it requires is being proactive and dedicating a bit of time and effort. New heating systems are massive purchases, so it’s always helpful when you can hold off on them for a few extra years. With the proper upkeep, you can keep your furnace healthy and set it up to have a long life.

Be Attentive to Your Furnace

The two primary things you need to do for your furnace consistently are scheduling maintenance and replacing the air filter. Maintenance tune-ups are most effective if they’re conducted every year, and our skilled technicians at North Point Air Conditioning & Heating can always handle them for you. Scheduled maintenance will not only extend your furnace’s lifespan but will also increase your comfort and reduce your heating bills. Additionally, a hired professional will diagnose any current or potential problems. Usually, by identifying them early, one of our technicians will be able to resolve these issues with less hassle and expense. You can schedule these tune-ups at any time, but doing so at the start of winter is the most effective.

For the best results, you should clean or replace your HVAC filter once every two to three months. The filter will gradually become packed with contaminants, hampering the effectiveness of your heating system. A clogged air filter restricts circulation and puts excessive strain on the furnace, which makes a breakdown or shortened lifespan more likely. Remember, new air filters cost far less than the amount that replacing them will save you.

Prevent Heat Loss

The more heat you can keep trapped inside your home, the less heat your furnace has to produce. If you can eliminate the primary sources of heat loss, that extra rest for your heating system may add several years of healthy operation. One of the most common sources of lost heat is air leaks. These openings, which don’t need to be large to cause problems, will form around your doors and windows without you realizing it. If you don’t seal them, that’s a constant trickle of heat leaving your home, which makes it exponentially harder for your furnace to do its job. Inspect for these leaks every month or two, and use caulk and weather stripping to create airtight seals.

You can also lose heat through your window panes. Fortunately, curtains can act as an effective barrier. Make a habit of closing all the curtains in your home every evening; that will trap most of the warmth and give your furnace a breather. Remember that heat can also enter through windows, so you can let in natural warmth by leaving them uncovered when it’s sunny out.

One other common occurrence is heat floating up into your attic and leaking out through the roofing. However, with a layer of attic insulation, there will be a barrier stopping that warmth before it escapes. One effective choice is spray foam insulation; it’s expensive and needs professional installation, but it lasts a long time and is completely waterproof. If you’re in the Spring, TX, area, you can hire our skilled team at North Point Air Conditioning & Heating to install your insulation.

Clean Your Ducts and Vents

When you neglect your ductwork and air vents, dust and dirt will undoubtedly accumulate inside of them. Not only will these contaminants end up in the air you’re breathing, but they can also create obstructions for your furnace. When these pathways are clogged up, your heating system needs to increase its air pressure to provide sufficient warmth. Over time, this added effort will wear down the appliance and take chunks out of its lifespan.

You should clean your vents every month, and you can do it yourself. Simply remove the cover panel and get in there with a vacuum hose. Ductwork is trickier; most likely, you’ll want to hire a trained professional to clean and inspect it. One cleaning per year should be enough to keep your furnace healthy.

Dependable Heating Service

The weather can be harsh in the Spring, TX, area, and when you need heating or cooling assistance, you can count on our trained team at North Point Air Conditioning & Heating. We also offer insulation and indoor air quality services, and we’ve been proudly serving the area since 1977. Customer service is always at the top of our list. We want to ensure that we always deliver top-notch services at affordable prices to our clients. For us, it’s not about the money; it’s about seeing our customers happy.

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