7 Ways to Stay Cool While Waiting for Your AC Repairs

AC Tips in Spring, TX

When your AC suddenly stops working or becomes problematic, the first step should be contacting a reliable and professional HVAC company like North Point Air Conditioning & Heating. However, some repairs can take longer than others, so you should be prepared to wait just in case your repair requires extensive work. There are numerous things you can do to keep yourself and your home cool and comfortable as you wait.

1. Keep Your Windows Open

When your AC decides to give up on you, you could use as much air flowing in and out of your home as possible. Opening windows allows a cooler breeze to enter your house as the hotter air escapes outside. However, you may have to consider how cooler the outdoor temperatures are compared to your indoor temperature. Sometimes opening the windows may worsen the situation by allowing even more heat into the rooms. Also, consider the direction of the cool breeze. Keep the windows on the opposite side of your home open to ensure the cool air moves through the entire space.

2. Stay Hydrated

Cool drinks can be exceptionally refreshing on a hot day. Drinking more water than usual is wise to replace all the water lost through sweat. If you do not like plain water, adding fruit or cucumber slices could help you drink more. It is common for people to rush for sugary or cold energy drinks when it gets too hot. However, the sugar in these drinks can increase your metabolism, making your body heat up. Water is the best choice when you want to stay cool and hydrated.

3. Wear Light and Breathable Clothes

The heat can significantly slow you down and make you feel heat sick. Switching to lighter clothes should help you feel better and greatly impact how you go about your day. Think of how you would dress while at the beach. Common fabrics you might want to include are light cotton, linen, silk, chiffon, and rayon. These fabrics are made of very breathable fiber, which allows your body to expel more heat.

4. Adjust Your Fan

Fans are perfect additions to homes located in very high-temperate regions. Their movement promotes air circulation throughout the room, pushing away heat while introducing cooler air. You can promote their functionality by ensuring the fan rotates faster and counterclockwise to force cooler air downwards. If you have a portable fan, change its position to where there is more heat.

5. Go for a Swim

A hot day presents a perfect excuse to go for a long swim. The best part about swimming is getting the best of both worlds. You can lay in the sun for a while, get the much-needed vitamin D, and get in the water to cool off. Alternatively, you could take a cold shower or constantly spray your body with cold water.

6. Avoid Cooking Indoors

Much of the heat around the home is generated from the kitchen. If you love to cook, it is wise to ensure your kitchen is well-ventilated to ensure all the heat escapes out of the house. When your AC stops working, avoid cooking or stick to no-cook meals like salads and beverages. Alternatively, you can slow-cook your meals until the problem is fixed.

Cooking outside is another practical way to enjoy a meal without making the home unbearable. Outdoor kitchens and grills often create great conversation areas, especially if you have people over. Keep the conversations going while ensuring everyone stays cool.

7. Keep the Lights Off

Regular incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs can generate up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, depending on their wattage. All that heat can make the room feel warm and uncomfortable, especially on a hot day. Keeping the lights off will keep the room cooler and save you a lot of energy costs. If the lights must stay on, switching to lower-heat LED or CFL lights is advisable.

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