Central AC vs. Ductless Cooling: Benefits and Differences

What Homeowners Need to Know About Central and Ductless AC Systems

During the scorching summer months, homeowners need a reliable air conditioning system to keep their houses cool and comfortable. They have numerous options for cooling – including central AC systems and ductless mini-split systems. When choosing between these two options, homeowners must understand the key differences and benefits these systems offer. This blog post will compare these two common types of cooling systems and discuss some others.

Central AC

central AC When it comes to beating the Texas heat and humidity, a central AC system is one of the best options for homeowners. This type of AC system can effectively cool entire homes through the use of ductwork that delivers cool air to each area of a home. Some of the top benefits central AC units provide are:

  • Even cooling throughout the house, making each room the same comfortable temperature.
  • Improved indoor air quality with the absence of particles such as dust and allergens (which are collected in filters), and they are better for installing indoor air quality equipment.
  • More energy-efficient than individual AC units, like window air conditioners
  • Quieter than window or portable units since their noisy components are located outside the house

Ductless Mini Split

ductless mini splitOlder homes without existing ductwork may opt for ductless mini split air conditioners to cool their homes. These can efficiently cool homes without using air ducts. Some of the advantages these ductless mini-split systems offer are:

  • They can be installed in any home or building, as they do not need ductwork.
  • They can be set to control the temperature in each room or zone of the house, preventing homeowners from needing to cool areas of the home they are not using.
  • They are more energy-efficient than central AC systems, as they don’t lose cooled air in the ductwork.
  • They have simpler installation processes as they do not require ductwork like is needed during central air conditioning installations.

Other Common AC Systems

In addition to central air conditioning systems and ductless mini splits, there are also other cooling options for households, including these:

  • Window AC Units: These can be a good option for a household that only needs to cool one specific room. However, these are not good or cost-effective solutions for cooling the entire house. They also prevent families from using the window they are installed in.
  • Portable Air Conditioners: These can be advantageous for households as they can be moved from room to room as needed. However, they are only ideal for cooling one room or small space, not the whole house. They are also very noisy.

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