Mini Splits in The Woodlands, TXThere are many good reasons for purchasing mini-splits in The Woodlands, TX. Sometimes, a homeowner will buy just one ductless air conditioner for a room addition, tool shed, garage, or attic space. Other times, the owners of historic homes may set up several in the main living spaces in lieu of central AC. Then, there are those who prefer a mini-split system to central AC because they don’t want the hassle that comes with ductwork.

    Whatever your situation might be, you’ll appreciate how much flexibility you have when installing these systems. Mini-splits are basically heat pumps without the ductwork, and while the compressor unit is as bulky as the traditional kind, the air handler is anything but. You’re meant to hang the air handler on the wall, so it’s a sleek, compact device. The refrigerant line connecting the air handler to the compressor is only three inches wide, and it can extend for up to 50 feet.

    Mini-Splits in The Woodlands

    This equipment is very convenient to install. It does come at a higher price than a ducted system, but it has some long-term benefits to offset that.

    Here are some of the advantages:
    • Significant energy savings
    • Quiet, smooth operation
    • Remote access and other features
    • The ability to create multiple temperature zones
    Mini-Splits in The Woodlands

    So much of your cool air will be lost through the ducts even if you had them sealed, but with a mini-split system, you eliminate this issue completely. The result will be a dramatic drop in your monthly bill. Besides that, the fact that a mini-split is so quiet can allow you to run it continually, provided, of course, that you adjust the temperatures throughout the day for maximum efficiency. Besides that, there’s a good chance your mini-splits will last up to to 10 years longer than a ducted AC.

    Mini-splits also provide multi-zone cooling because a thermostat accompanies every air handler. The days will be gone when your family members disagree on the temperature of your home. There are also features like directional airflow, which lets you move the air away from or onto yourself.

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