Mini Splits in Spring, TXMini-splits in Spring, TX have been bringing the maximum level of comfort to a great many homes and businesses. You may want to consider a ductless air conditioner for your own home, whether it already has central AC or not, because these systems are known for their versatility. First, ductless units are meant to cool a single room, so they’re ideal for outbuildings like tool sheds and garages, which central AC systems can’t reach. They’re also good for attic spaces and for room additions.

    On the other hand, you could install a mini-split air handler in every living space as a substitute for a central AC. One compressor can connect up to eight air handlers. More people than you might think are opting for this over central ACs because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of ductwork.

    Benefits of Spring Mini-Splits

    Ease of installation is definitely one plus when it comes to ductless ACs. The compressor, while bulky, can sit aside in a discreet part of your yard because the refrigerant line that connects it to the air handler can stretch for as far as 50 feet. The refrigerant line is narrow and only requires a three-inch hole in your wall to connect. And the air handler can fit in with any style of room since it’s compact and rather stylish.

    Above all, though, you get these benefits:
    • Tremendous energy savings
    • A durable, quiet product
    • Multi-zone cooling
    • Features like directional airflow
    Benefits of Spring Mini-Splits

    Mini-splits don’t make much noise, so you could even have them on continually as long as you raise the temperature during the times when you’re away or asleep. This is actually a very energy-efficient thing to do. All in all, mini-splits could cut your monthly bill by a third, mainly because of the absence of ducts.

    Your family members all have different comfort levels, which a central AC can’t accommodate. Each mini-split comes with its own thermostat, so everyone can set their own temperature; that’s what we mean by multi-zone cooling. And with directional airflow, you can aim that air right onto yourself.

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