Mini Splits in Conroe, TXMini-splits in Conroe, TX are keeping residents comfortable at a lower monthly energy cost, so you may want to look into these. A mini-split is basically a ductless air conditioner. The indoor unit, called the air handler, pulls warm air out of your home, and the outdoor unit, called the compressor, releases it outside. Between the two units is the piping that carries refrigerant, the chemical responsible for the heat transfer. The main difference between a mini-split and central AC is that, due to the absence of ducts and its smaller cooling capacity, it’s meant for a single room only.

    But that may be all you need. Perhaps you want to cool your tool shed or some other space that your current ducts can’t reach. Maybe you own a historic home that can’t support ductwork, and you need an alternative. Or maybe you want to avoid ductwork even when it’s a viable option. Mini-splits are flexible units. You can hook up eight air handlers to a single compressor, which can mean whole-house cooling.

    Why Purchase Mini-Splits in Conroe?

    Let’s consider the various problems that central ACs can throw out. First, there’s the ductwork. Even when it’s sealed, ductwork will cause some of your cool air to escape before it reaches your rooms. That’s a lot of energy being wasted. Then, there’s the fact that central ACs cool the entire home, even the unoccupied rooms, and they do so at one set temperature. Some of your family members may complain that it’s too cold while others may feel it’s not cold enough.

    Mini-splits eliminate all of this. Here are the benefits you can look forward to:
    • Energy-efficient performance for decades to come
    • Quiet operation, allowing for continual use
    • Remote control via Wi-Fi
    • Features like directional airflow
    • A new temperature zone wherever a mini-split is installed
    Why Purchase Mini-Splits in Conroe?

    All the cool air that’s produced goes straight into your room, so you can cool your home faster and save a great amount on your monthly bill. Because mini-splits are durable, they can last up to 10 years longer than a traditional ducted system. In all, the benefits will more than outweigh the up-front cost.

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